Gymnastics Method Intro Course
  • Free 4-week introduction program for beginners
  • No experience required!
  • No equipment required!
  • The program focuses on preparing your body and teaching the first steps to look and move like an athlete
Primal One program
  • No experience required!
  • The foundation of the durable, attractive physique
  • 6 week injury prevention program, that prepares your joints for spectacular and professional exercises
  • Foundations of all gymnastic exercises like Handstand, Planche, Human flag or Muscle up
  • Wether you have experience or not, start with this program because this is the base of the system.

After completing this 6-week program, step forward to the Primal Two program!

Primal Two program
  • The most important basic dynamic and static exercises
  • First step to dominate your bodyweight
  • Complete the master steps even in 4-6 weeks´╗┐

After completing the Master steps of the dynamic exercises, move forward to the Primal Three program.

Primal Three program
  • The most powerful push, pull and core bodyweight exercises
  • Complete the Master steps even in 4-6 weeks
  • The last program before the professional exercises like Human Flag, Planche or Front lever!

After completing the Primal programs, you can move forward to other programs, or learn skills in the tutorial section!

12-week Home workout program
  • Full body workouts, 12 week program for Muscle building and Fat burning
  • Do it anywhere, anytime without any special equipment
  • From beginner to advanced level
  • 4 week intensive plan included
  • Most effective exercises for all gender
8-week Ultimate Core program
  • From beginner to advanced level
  • Gradually built up program for super strong core
  • With this program you will achieve the L-sit and the Dragon flag
  • For the best results, do 3-6 workout a week
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